STRMD is home to streaming kits & video conference kits. Our packages have been designed and manufactured with the ambitious working professional and content creator in mind.

Ideal for everyone from aspiring podcast, YouTube, Twitch streamer to the corporate executive working from home. 

Our packages comprise of everything you need to elevate both your visual and audio output meaning you can cut through the noise and engage with your audience everywhere from online to the boardroom.



Captures pristine and accurate audio and cancels ambient sound


Equipped with a 16mm large diaphragm, wide frequency response (20Hz to 20KHz)


High quality plug and play USB microphone


Works with Windows, MAC, Linux, and PS4 straight out of the box


Offers extended dynamic range and high SPL capability


Volume controls built-in to the microphone.

Chair Mounting Green Screen

Youtube USB Microphone
This pop up green screen allows you to tailor your environment, provides instant tension and mounts to most desk chairs so it can be used even when space is at a premium.

Professional For Video Conference

Twitch USB Microphone
Ideal for Zoom & Skype business the pop up green screen allows you to customise your background and maintain corporate surroundings from your bedroom.

Creative For Youtube & Twitch Streaming

USB Microphone
An excellent entry point in becoming a content creator, this green screen can be put to great use for Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube for creating the perfect environment.

Shock Mount

Shock Mount

Tripod Stand

Microphone Tripod Stand

Scissor Stand

Microphone Scissor Stand

Streaming & Video Conference Call Kits