Twitch, Podcast & YouTube Streaming Kit

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  • USB Microphone: High-quality plug and play USB, cardioid, high fidelity, LED-lit microphone. The microphone has a large-diaphragm (16mm) wide frequency response (20Hz to 20KHz) and a professional chipset.
  • Green Screen: A pop up green screen (100cm x 181cm) that is chair and wall mountable. Easily foldable for easy storage and portability the pop-up nature of the green screen offers instant tension eliminating light spots.
  • Microphone Shock Mount: A high-quality microphone shock mount that will isolate your microphone from external sounds.
  • Microphone Scissor Stand: Desk mountable and offering a huge range of heights, depths, and rotation to fit your setup perfectly.
  • Microphone Pop Filter: Removing the sharpness of certain letters and words in your audio content the pop filter will add further warmth to your sound.
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A High Quality USB Microphone: The STRMD Audio+ Microphone is a cardioid, high fidelity microphone making it ideal for capturing front-facing audio content with the optimal degree of clarity and warmth whilst ignoring the environmental noises that could distract from your content. Equipped with a 16mm large diaphragm, wide frequency response (20Hz to 20KHz) and professional sound chipset the extended dynamic range and high SPL capabilities on offer with this microphone are only rivaled by its aesthetics. Featuring a blue glow LED light set this mic not only sounds but also looks the part. The A to B USB is ready to go straight out of the box working with all the major operating systems (macOS, Windows, Chrome & Linux) straight out of the box without the need for additional sound cards or external devices. (This device does not work with Xbox.) Green Screen: The STRMD popping content green screen is highly portable, chair and wall-mountable meaning you can increase the quality of your visual content in seconds without needing a huge amount of room. The pop-up nature of this green screen provides tension straight out of the package which rids your content of dark spots and saving you hours of ironing. So if you want to increase the amount of screen real estate your audience can see whilst gaming, create fancy intros, overlays or just hide an untidy room then this is an ideal option. Shock Mount: The STRMD microphone shock mount isolates your audio content from vibrations that would cause your audience unnecessary distractions. Microphone Desk Stand: The STRMD tripod microphone desk mount allows you to design a setup that works to your needs. Ideal for introductions, commentary channels, podcasting and ASMR this setup is ideally placed for content creators how do not need to access their keyboard whilst recording. Microphone Scissor Stand: The STRMD scissor stand is designed to be desk mounted and allows you flexibility within your setup. Great for sharing and for gaming, this stand offers you options when you need to access your keyboard or easily move your mic between participants. Microphone Pop Filter: Removing the pop’s and squeaks that certain words create the pop filter within this package helps keep a softness to the audio that your audience hears.