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Five Sites For Royalty Free Professional Zoom Backgrounds Whilst You WFH

As Covid-19 hit and those of us who are used to entering the office daily began to experience the joy and pitfalls that WFH offers. The initial novelty of this was seen online thorough people sharing their ghetto home office setups, laptops stacked on numerous books and people began the day coffee in hand, addressing e-mails whilst sitting in their dressing gowns.

Soon came the inventible gaffs, Lizet Ocampo a political director at People for the American Way, an organization that does work encouraging Latinx people to vote turned herself into a potato. Jennifer Miles managed to let her colleagues a little more than she intended to by leaving her camera on as she visited the toilet and even the catholic church was not immune as the parish priest of the Church of San Pietro started to scroll through AR filters as he provided his parish with a virtual sermon.  

Whilst all of the above-amused everyone in the online community, the increasing frequency of video conference calls combined an extended lockdown period does mean that we are being judged on both our setup and home environments when communicating with customers and colleagues alike.

So whilst Zoom and Skype business backgrounds live in a grey area, you are technically using this imagery in a commercial setting and as such you risk a royalty claim. To aid this we have collated a collection of five sites that provide royalty-free professional-looking backgrounds to ensure you look at your best without any risk.

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