Zoom Fail Hero

How Passing Direct Notes In Zoom Classes May Not Be As Private As You Think.

So we all had it in our school days, one of your friends from another side of the room attempts to slips you a note. Potential pitfalls included someone else reading it, a teacher intercepting or worse still a teacher noticing and announcing those immortal words “If that note is so interesting, you should read it to the class.”

As the covid lockdown continues many schools, colleges and universities have turned to the zoom platform as a means of emulating the real classroom environment. An amazing tool for group contributions, managing attendance and of course real-time feedback.

One great feature is the one 2 one chat function. So when you want to gossip about your lecturer or just share idle chit chat with your buddy you can, of course, do so without any of the risks you see in a normal classroom right?

Wrong! As revealed by Dr. Hillary J. Haldane of Quinnipiac University the private function does not show up in real-time to the other participants. However, when the chats are downloaded for minutes all those one 2 one chats are included!